It’s been 20 days since my grandparents are visiting my family and I here in Berlin and I am so happy about that! Also, 2 months ago it was my grandmother’s 80th birthday, so, to celebrate it my mom thought of making her a surprise, which was visiting Paris! She has always dreamed of it when she was a teen I am so grateful that I could be with her when it happened. But as elders, of course, they couldn’t make a super intense visit to the city, so we stayed there for a couple of days and made very relaxing programs.

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We started our first day of visit getting the tube to Dupleix Tour Eiffel. In this station, you will have to walk a bit until you really get to the Eiffel Tour (I mean, under it, in Champ de Mars). If you want to see it from a little distance and, for example, take that classic picture “holding” the Tower, you should go to one tube station further – Trocadero. Be careful because it is very crowded there. We took some pictures and then we bought a ticket to a hop on hop off sightseeing. We chose one that we had already used in some other cities, which was the City Sight-Seeing, and bought a 24h experience on the Classic Line.

We stayed inside the bus during the entire tour and then, in the second time, we got off of it near L’Arc de Triomphe, in Champs-Elisée. We walked around a little and had lunch and then we went back to the bus stop. Our next stop was the Louvre, which we didn’t enter because it would be too tiring. We took some pictures in front of the glass pyramids and walked to Tuileries Garden. There, we had a kind of picnic, but there was something very sad/boring that were the street vendors. They stopped after a while when the police came with their horses and started to run after them.

In the second day, we decided to take a boat tour. We went to Pont Neuf (New Bridge) and from there we had a beautiful tour. The tour cost 14 euros for each person and the guide spoke both French and English. I thought it was a very informative tour – even more than the sight-seeing – and I learnt many things that on previous visits to Paris I hadn’t noticed. After that, we went to Montmartre to visit Sacre-Coeur, but as soon as we got there, my grandpa began to feel tired, so we called an uber and went back to the hotel. My grandpa and my father stayed there and we, the girls, headed to lunch at a bistro near Le Jardin Du Luxembourg and then, of course, we went to the garden and enjoyed the sunny day in one of the many chairs spread there. At night, my parents and my grandma went to the Eiffel Tower again to see it shining, and although my grandmother was tired, she loved it, even more than during the day – and I agree with her: the Eiffel Tower is way prettier during the night!

So that was our very optimized travel, it was enough for my grandparents to get to know the main attractions of Paris without getting too tired.


L'Arc De Triomphe
L’Arc De Triomphe
Celebrating my grandma's birthday!! So so happy!
Celebrating my grandma’s birthday!! So so happy!
Jardin du Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg
View of the Eiffel Tower from the boat
View of the Eiffel Tower from the boat

Notre Dame - did you know that one of its tower is higher than the other because, according to the architecture, only God's perfect? I don't believe it, I think that's just an excuse of an error of project.
Notre Dame – did you know that one of its tower is higher than the other because, according to the architecture, only God’s perfect? I don’t believe it, I think that’s just an excuse of an error of project.
The Eiffel Tower at night
The Eiffel Tower at night

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