Today my father taught me how to make strawberry jelly because until now we’ve never made it ourselves. It’s so easy and quick that I really don’t know why we’ve always bought it ready in the supermarket (ok, he made it for the first time 2 days ago when he made a delicious cheesecake, but we used all of the jelly on it, so that’s the first time we’re really cooking a jelly to consume it as it is).

So here is his recipe:


  • 350g of Strawberry (we didn’t really weigh the strawberry, we bought one of those supermarket boxes and we used it all)
  • 150g of sugar (that we really weighed)


  • Peel the strawberries
  • Cut each strawberry into 4 pieces
  • In a bowl, crush strawberries. There’s no problem if there are some pieces not so crushed.
  • In a pan, mix together the strawberries and sugar and stir over medium heat until it boils (keep mixing all the time!)
  • Keep mixing until you feel it’s in the right consistency.


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