So, this post – as many others – is a little bit late, but what really matters is that now I’m finally writing it! Today I am gonna show you one of the most beautiful and imponent places I’ve ever bin – Boca do Inferno. There, I felt like the power of nature and also I felt so much gratitude for the beauty of our planet. Although it was winter (we went there in February), the day was amazing: the sky was clear and blue, and the water of the ocean had a unique colour. Although I’ve gone there many years ago with my grandparents and my mom, at that time we only passed there by car, which is COMPLETELY different from getting out of the car/bike and walk there.

Boca do Inferno (in English “Mount of Hell”, I believe) is a cliff located in the village of Cascais, in Portugal (more precisely, 1,5km from the centre of the town).  The name goes after the place itself that reminds of the frightening impact of the waves on the rocks there. You can get there by car, walking or bicycling from Cascais (there’s even a free-wifi spot there where you can download an app that gives you the chance to rent a bike! My boyfriend and I tried to use it but unfortunately, there was only one available bike at the moment we were there). We went there and back walking from Cascais and it took us about 20 min from the beach (each way).

There you’ll find some local fishermen, people practicing yoga and/or meditation, people having an ice cream, people reading a book, … (I think you get it).

If you’re visiting Cascais, it’s totally worth it passing in Boca do Inferno. There’s no need to spend the whole afternoon there, but at least half an hour I’d recommend! And now, as “a picture is worth a thousand words” – and I couldn’t agree more, I’ll let you decided for yourself if you’re going or if you’re going to visit Boca do Inferno the next time you go to Portugal!

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